Union Marine (Asia) Pte Ltd
Tank Management & Monitoring System


We have a wide range of tank level gauging product and instruments that allow us to select the most appropriate measurement solution for your specific application.

Depending on the Tank Measurement & Monitoring requirements and function from our clients. Union Marine provide complete system solution and integration through partnership mainly with world renowned manufactures for various types of reliable level gauges, transmitters, sensors and sub-systems.

All instruments are designed to provide reliable and accurate liquid level measurement in bulk storage applications for the marine and offshore industries.

System Functions:

  • Tank level monitoring
  • Tank gas pressure monitoring
  • Tank temperature monitoring
  • Tank capacity / volume
  • Draught, trim and list corrections
  • Tank level, pressure and temperature alarm setting and monitoring
  • Data & Alarm Log function

System Features & Benefits:

  • Applicable to a wide range of liquid cargoes.
  • Reliable and accurate
  • A variety of gauges and configurations available
  • Overall overview of tank management and monitoring system.
  • Heel & trim compensation for accurate level measurements and analysis with draught gauges or inclinometer.
  • High & Low level alarm settings
  • Availability for temperature, pressure measurements and cargo / process control monitoring.
  • Software & graphics development customized to system requirements and to end user’s needs.
  • Enhanced software abilities with data logging, trending and fault analysis.

Information from level gauges and other sensing equipment are automatically imported to the PLC based Signal Processing Cabinet. Through this interface, the tank measurements and monitoring data are processed and display the tank information at respective control stations and HMI of the system.

The graphical display enable operator to easily monitor and view current conditions and detailed information from specific tanks as needed. Pump operation data, safety checklists, etc. can be incorporated in our tank monitoring software when options is requested by customer.

The Tank Measurement & Monitoring System also allows the operator to set various parameters, including alarm settings.

The Event and Alarm log function support operators in analysing data related to process and cargo operations.



Types of Level Measurement applied:

  • Tank Level / Content Gauges
    • Flat Type Glass
    • Tubular Type Glass
    • Marine Float Type
    • Magnetic Float Type
  • Remote Continuous Level Measurement
    • Non-Contact Radar
    • Guided Microwave Radar
    • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Hydrostatic pressure Transmitter
    • Pneumatic Bubbling System
  • Level Detection
    • Float switch
    • Vibration sensor
    • Capacitive sensor