Union Marine (Asia) Pte Ltd
Quick Closing Valve System (Hydraulic / Pneumatic)


Union Marine provide Quick closing valve system which can be controlled by hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical transmission. Suitable for marine service, providing a quick shut-off in emergency situations from outside the engine room.

The quick closing valve system is mainly used in pipeline systems with combustible liquids and allow quick closing of fuel oil and lubrication oil shut off valves on tanks in the event of fire and explosion.

Our quick closing valve systems are used widely on board all types of vessels and rigs/platforms, to generate an instant closure of all flow in the system in case of emergency as required by SOLAS chapter II-2, regulation 4, & … quick closing valves are installed on tanks containing inflammable liquids.

Typical System consists of:

  • Flanged globe style, spring loaded quick closing valve with various material constructions to requirements and request. Connections: ANSI, DIN or JIS, raised face flanged.
  • Angle style globe valves are available.
  • Quick Closing Valves with pneumatic actuation with complete control station and class approved air tank.
  • Quick Closing Valves with hydraulic actuation with hydraulic impulse unit cylinder with hand lever operator for remote actuation of valves.
  • Quick Closing Valves with manual actuation by pull cable.