Union Marine (Asia) Pte Ltd
Pneumatic Actuation


Design & Construction

Low friction seals in combination with a high surface finish, permanent lubrication and bearings give the actuator high efficiency, low air consumption and a long and maintenance-free life. This ensures a long-term stable economy due to low energy consumption and a minimum of unplanned and costly production shutdowns.

  • For On/Off and Modulating Control
  • Double acting or single acting with spring return
  • Compact and robust design
  • Connections according to international standards (Suits both DIN and ISO standards)
  • Pre-tension springs for safety
  • Design principle gives high torque in the end positions
  • High efficiency, low air consumption


Pneumatic Actuator

Union Marine Pneumatic actuators are available in both Double & Single acting models. Rack & Pinion and Scotch & Yoke designs and principles.

Pneumatic Actuator Rack & Pinion design type.

Available with output torque ranging from:

  • 9 Nm to 9760 Nm at 6 Bar (600 kPa) operating pressure. They are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 10 Bar (1000 kPa) operation.

Design & Construction

  • Aluminium ASTM6005 body - Anodized internally and externally to provide superior protection from most environments.
  • Honed cylinder surface for longer life and low coefficient of friction.
  • Dual piston rack and pinion design for compact construction, symmetric mounting position, high-cycle fife and fast operation, reverse rotation can be accomplished in the field by simply inverting the pistons.
  • Multiple bearings and guides on racks and pistons, low friction, high cycle life and prevent shaft blowout.
  • Modular preloaded spring cartridge design, with coated spring for simple versatile range, greater safely and corrosion resistance, longer cycle life.
  • Fully machined teeth on piston and pinion for accurate low backlash rack and pinion engagement, maximum efficiency. Stainless steel fasteners for long term corrosion resistance.
  • Full conformance to the latest specifications: IS05211, DIN 3337 and Namur
  • Product inter-changeability and easy mounting of solenoid valves, limit switches and other accessories


Pneumatic Actuator Scotch & Yoke design type

Pneumatic Actuators feature a modern scotch yoke mechanism with high starting and ending torques in a compact package. Due to the design this translates to higher break and reseating torques with substantially lower air consumption. Closing position adjustment is possible on all Double Acting Actuators.

Available with torque output ranging from:

  • Double Acting : 830 ~ 250,000Nm
  • Spring Return end torques : 307 ~ 71764 Nm

They are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 10 Bar (1000 kPa) operation.

The actuators incorporate various stages of internal and external coatings to resist severe weather, chemical and harsh environment, Internal surfaces are coated with PTFE to enhance corrosion resistant and self-lubrication. Combined with self-lubricating bearings provides superior wear resistance and extends lifespan of all sliding components. Efficiency is greatly enhanced.

The shaft driven assembly and accessory interface conforms to NAMUR allowing standardization of mounting hardware and installation practices.



Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Cabinet

Design & Construction

Union Marine Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Cabinet is used for the control and the position signalling of each of the pneumatic solenoid valves.

Main Features of Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Cabinet:

  • Low leakage directional valves for better performance and extended lifespan of the system.
  • Pulse control philosophy for low operating temperature and extended life of solenoid valve coils.
  • Full manual override control at solenoid valve panel.
  • Easy and simple upgrade from hardwired control to Processor based control system.
  • Simple conversion to intrinsically safe system for hazardous area installation. Zone 0 / Class1 Div 1 applications.

SVC can be incorporated together with the Data Processing Cabinet, combining both Pneumatic and Electrical sections, designed to suit project & customer’s requirement.

The Electric section is designed to IP44 protection as standard and consists of all electrical components necessary for the Remote Control Valve System.

PLC Remote I/O can be incorporated at this section to enable various types of remote control valve configuration and system processing capabilities.

Optional – Accessories

Manual Override Gearboxes

Union Marine provide manual override gearboxes ranging from 300Nm to 32,000Nm. The equipment offer reliable and simple manual positioning of valves.

Features :

  • Rugged design
  • Lightweight and modular to provide most efficient and cost effective solution for comprehensive range of manual override options.
  • External epoxy coated to provide superior resistance for rigorous environments.
  • The self-locking worm gear is designed to provide safe and easy operation and long life.


Limit Switch Boxes

Union Marine range of limit switch boxes are constructed in both Composite, Aluminium & SS316 Stainless Steel Housings.

Available in IP67 and Explosion Proof Enclosures with both IEC Ex and ATEX Certification.

  • ITS 100 series (weather proof type)
  • ITS 300 series (Weather proof or explosion proof type) specially designed for valve and actuator in hazardous area applications conforms to EN50014 and 50018, also suitable in Zone 1 and Zone 2

All switch boxes are complete with high visibility position indicators to provide clear local indication of the valve position.

Switchboxes can be fitted with a comprehensive range of switches including:

  • Mechanical
  • Magnetic Reed
  • Inductive Proximity (PNP, NPN)
  • Potentiometer

Usually supplied with two switches, we can fit 3 or 4 additional switches as required for mid travel feedback.


All switchboxes come complete with mounting brackets to suit NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 top footprint with adaptors to suit actuators with different mounting arrangements. All fasteners included in mounting kits are stainless steel to resist corrosion.


Data Processing Cabinet

Union Marine Remote Control Valve System Data Processing Cabinet processes the control and monitoring signals and necessary communication between electrical devices and intelligent devices and computer based control stations.

The raw data collected from field equipment are converted to signals for interface with PLC based systems.

Our configuration provides monitoring and control functions necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the Remote Control Valve System in accordance with the standards of marine classification.

Data Processing Cabinet comprises mainly of the following:

  • PLC CPU controller with Communication interface
  • PLC Input / Output modules
  • Power supply
  • Communication modules
  • Electrical components

We apply reputable electrical components which provides accurate and reliable control through proven design. The I/O Modules are of modular design that enable great flexibility for future conversions or upgrading.

Our Computer & Touch Panel Control Stations for the Remote Control Valve System are built on control platforms that can be integrated with:

  • Tank Level Gauging System
  • Cargo monitoring & Control System (Tank Pressure, Tank Temperature,
    Cargo line Pressure, Ballast Water & Cargo Pumps pressure, Pump remote
    start/stop, Fire Pump Pressure, Hydraulic pressure etc..
  • Cargo Management System


Control Stations

Union Marine Computer Control Station consist of Marine Type Approved hardware & HMI.

Centralized or distributed control configuration options available to suit vessel requirement and control philosophy. Customized colour graphic pages provided for clear visual display and ease of operation.


  • Supervision of the complete control system.
  • Vivid graphic display and presentation to customer’s exact requirements.
  • Alarm monitoring, data logging and trending of all variables.
  • Analysis of data from history files (Alarm statistics and Events)
    - an excellent tool for easy preventive maintenance.
  • Integrated control of multi-platform systems.
  • Reliable redundancy options.