Union Marine (Asia) Pte Ltd
Electro Hydraulic Actuation


Union Marine Electro Hydraulic remote control valve actuation package comprises the Electro Hydraulic Unit (EHU), which can be integrally mounted directly on the drive of any types of hydraulic actuators for operation of the individual valve loop locally. The compact design eliminates external hydraulic pipe lines and only requires electrical interface allowing for easy and cost saving installations.

Typically, our Electro-Hydraulic Actuator consist of the following basic components:

  • Electric Driven Pumps (Radial Piston)
  • Non-Pressurized Hydraulic Reservoir / Tank (Aluminium Type)
  • Two Oil Level sight glass
  • Electro-Hydraulic control system
  • Hydraulic Actuator & Valve
  • Optional Hydraulic Accumulator

Choice of varying range and sizes of piston pumps to meet the volume flow of hydraulic actuator to actuate valves.

Standard 0.7L tank volume. Others on request.

Operating Pressure: 60 ~ 140 bars.
Output: 0.18 L/min to 1.1 L/min.
Voltage Input: 230Vac, 1 Phase, 50/60Hz & 440Vac, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz.
Nominal Power : 45 ~ 300 Watts



Data Processing Cabinet

Union Marine Remote Control Valve System Data Processing Cabinet processes the control and monitoring signals and necessary communication between electrical devices and intelligent devices and computer based control stations.

The raw data collected from field equipment are converted to signals for interface with PLC based systems.

Our configuration provides monitoring and control functions necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the Remote Control Valve System in accordance with the standards of marine classification.

Data Processing Cabinet comprises mainly of the following:

  • PLC CPU controller with Communication interface
  • PLC Input / Output modules
  • Power supply
  • Communication modules
  • Electrical components

We apply reputable electrical components which provides accurate and reliable control through proven design. The I/O Modules are of modular design that enable great flexibility for future conversions or upgrading.

Our Computer & Touch Panel Control Stations for the Remote Control Valve System are built on control platforms that can be integrated with:

  • Tank Level Gauging System
  • Cargo monitoring & Control System (Tank Pressure, Tank Temperature,
    Cargo line Pressure, Ballast Water & Cargo Pumps pressure, Pump remote
    start/stop, Fire Pump Pressure, Hydraulic pressure etc..
  • Cargo Management System


Control Stations

Union Marine Computer Control Station consist of Marine Type Approved hardware & HMI.

Centralized or distributed control configuration options available to suit vessel requirement and control philosophy. Customized colour graphic pages provided for clear visual display and ease of operation.


  • Supervision of the complete control system.
  • Vivid graphic display and presentation to customer’s exact requirements.
  • Alarm monitoring, data logging and trending of all variables.
  • Analysis of data from history files (Alarm statistics and Events)
    - an excellent tool for easy preventive maintenance.
  • Integrated control of multi-platform systems.
  • Reliable redundancy options.